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Revolutionary Aevum

The health and beauty products industry is very competitive. The challenge is to differentiate and separate one’s company from the rest of the industry. The best way to accomplish that is to develop natural products that are innovative and new to the industry.

Aevum is the revolutionary product that customers will embrace. Not only to enrich their own lives with improved health, but to enthusiastically present Aevum based products to new prospective associates who desire to not only enjoy the fruits of a successful business but also live healthier and pain free lives.

Aevum is the first affordable nanogold based therapeutic product in the world. White labeled Aevum products can be integrated into any existing product line or used to develop something totally new, resulting in a truly unique line of products. Use Aevum as leverage to achieve first strike capability against your competition with superior firepower that is years ahead of anything currently on the market.

Aevum Gold Nanocarrier Science

Aevum anti-aging and therapeutic skin care products are gold nanoparticle (GNPs) based super anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial topical preparations that include GNPs functionalized with peptides, chitosan and nicotinamide riboside (NR).

Bacterial infections and oxidative stress combine to cause most human disease and aging. Scientific studies show that the above mentioned components of Aevum are proven to combat both of these causes.
Aevum is the most advanced skin care product ever developed. Several years were spent testing Aevum’s gold nanoparticle based topical cream preparation on various conditions with amazing success.

These studies show that peptides and other skin care ingredients cannot efficiently cross the skin barrier unless they piggyback onto GNPs by synthesization. This is exactly what Aevum does and that is why Aevum is the most effective skin care preparation ever developed. Aevum is the only product in the world that uses this revolutionary technology for skin care preparations.

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