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How Lockdown May Damage Your Skin And Ways To Prevent It

If you believe that staying inside the house frees you from caring for your skin, you are definitely going in the wrong direction. Staying indoors doesn’t mean that your skin doesn’t need the care it deserves. Lockdown may have forced us to stay inside the doors for a few months but you can still care for your skin. Thinking that since you aren’t going out, the skin is free from dust and pollutants is right up to some extent but there is another side to this too. Your skin needs fresh air to rejuvenate itself and to breathe from the pores, which does not happen much staying indoors.

Skin experts say that lack of Vitamin D, stress due to lockdown and irregular sleep may take a toll on our skin as we settle into the coronavirus lockdown regimen. However, none of these problems are unsolvable. With a little effort and lifestyle changes you can still maintain your skin during the lockdown period and emerge with a glowing skin after all this is over.

Reclaiming your skin during the lockdown:

If you believe what skin experts say, your skin is getting isolated without getting the proper fresh air. This can lead to breakouts of spots and dryness. Increased stress and tension also releases cortisol that slows down the production of collagen. Psychological stress too can result in several problems of the skin like acne, dermatitis or itchy skin. You may think that since you’re at home no one is watching you and you don’t need to care for make-up or skin that much. Well, you couldn’t be farther from the truth, you’re still watching yourself and then there is family, social media and neighbors. The truth is caring for the skin is more important now than ever.

5 Reasons you should keep caring for your skin:

If you’re still not convinced that staying indoors without proper skin care can be detrimental, here’s a list of reasons to convince you otherwise.

You’re still being seen: People living with you in the house, family members, colleagues on conference video calls and in your social media posts; your face is plastered everywhere which means you’re being seen. All of these people and most importantly, you deserve to see the best of you. Thus, don’t neglect your skin.

Changing skincare routine: Most of us have pushed skincare to the bottom of our to do list and on top of that, stress and isolation can boost acne and other skin related problems which might be difficult to recover from even after the lockdown ends.

Lockdown is hurting your skin: Believe it or not, you may be inside your homes but your skin needs a bit of sunshine and air too. Without any outdoors time, this might cause problems for the skin.

Think of the future: Once the lockdown is over and you return to your normal life, you don’t want to go out there with blemishes and acne. So, don’t let it happen in the first place.

Use your time well: Since, you are indoors, use this time to cure any dust related skin problems you might be having. Use high quality acne removal gel or Aevum RiboGold Anti Acne Gel which has Nano Gold particles (NGPs) to get rid of the troublesome acne dotting your face. Use this free time to provide your skin the extra care that it has been asking you for.

Skin care while staying in lockdown:

We will not leave you scared with all these warnings about how your skin may be suffering or might suffer. Here are suggestions that you can follow to protect your skin from all these dangers. Since there is a lot of time at your disposal, you can use some of these to fix your skin problems. Just follow these tips.

Keep cleansing: There is dust and skin irritating pollutants inside your home too. For this reason you need to keep exfoliating your skin. Do it at least once every week. You can also whip up your own mixture with sugar, olive oil and lemon juice. Cleansing frees your pores and allows the skin to breathe.

Natural face masks: Fruit face masks like using papaya pulp etc. can make your skin glow and restore the moisture and hydration that it requires. Use once a week to keep your skin cool and looking fresh.

Moisturize well: Use moisturizing lotions and anti-aging creams that work well with your skin layers. A good moisturizer like Aevum’s RiboGold Normal to Dry Skin Cream that nourishes all kinds of skin and without leaving any greasy residue is a smart choice.

Enjoy a home-spa: You can treat yourself to a spa at home. Simply apply a cream or lotion on moist skin after a shower and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wipe your skin later to remove the excess.

Protect your face: You might be doing workouts in your home space or hitting the treadmill to prevent extra weight from piling up. Whenever you are exercising, do not touch your face. In the night before sleeping indulge in a little more care for your skin and use the Aevum Overnight Skin Repair Cream to heal and lubricate your skin during the night.

These simple tricks will help you maintain a glowing and healthy skin without taking too much of your time. All you need to do is keep following these tips regularly to get the best results.

Aevum Lifestyle wishes you a happy skincare.