Aevum RiboGold CBS Cuts Burns Stings Cream


Aevum RiboGold CBS speeds the healing of wounds in most cases in half the time. Our CBS formula is the first commercially available product to combine the antibacterial properties of gold and the wound regeneration capabilities of Collagen Peptides, Kitosan, and Silica into a powerful new anti-pain healing cream.


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2 reviews for Aevum RiboGold CBS Cuts Burns Stings Cream

  1. Adelaide Almanza, Oxnard, CA

    I want to thank you for your amazing products. It’s hard to believe how many benefits Aevum has. If somebody would come and tell me about it and describe it the way I do, I would think the person is exaggerating. I believe Aevum has changed my life and makes me feel like I am living in a new body, and new mind.

  2. Judy Foster, Austin, TX

    I sustained a severe cut on my arm. Dr stated it would take at least 3 to 4 weeks to heal. I applied Aevum every day and was healed in six days. Here are photos of the progress.

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